Mission Objectives

FOOREC is the Country's premier Foundation of Ophthalmic & Optometry Research Education Centre which is exclusively focused on specialized Ophthalmic & Optometry Research Education Centre.

Our Mission
"Provide an independent global framework for international education, training and exchange of information for Foundation of Ophthalmic & Optometry Research Education Centre and to foster professional excellence in design and execution of clinical research, thereby contributing to enhancing the Foundation of Ophthalmic & Optometry Research Education Centre".

Our Objectives
Apart from bringing in the new face of Foundation of Ophthalmic & Optometry Research Education Centre also aims to:


Since 1992 is running a Diploma course---DIPLOMA IN OPHTHALMIC TECHNIQUES.The purpose of the course is to develop human resourses which could be utilized for the implementation of National programme of visual impairment and control of blindness. This training will enable the trainee to become a competent person in providing services in ophthalmic techniques to the community in urban ,semi urban & rural settings. It is a Full time course of 3 years duration. The course commences in 1st July every year and divided into 4 semistar of 6 monts each. The 3rd year apprenticeship is devoted to clinical and practical work .


To prepare the students to assist the eye specialist in big eye hospitals, Eye health care Units etc. To enable students to get themselves self-employed as optician,optometrist and refractionists. To enable students to estimate error of refraction and be able to prescribe glasses.


It is a full time course

1.Admission to the course will be made once in a year. The candidate should have passed class XII or an equivalent examination with physics,chemistry,and biologywith an aggregate of 45 % marks . If the candidate has also passed im mathematics besides the above subjects ,it will be considered as an additional qualification and preference will be given to such candidates. 2.Candidates who have passed 10+2 of CBSE or any other Board in Ophthalmic Techniques (as a vocational course) are also eligible.They will be given preference in admission if otherwise found suitable .


Applications will be invited in the month of May-June each year. Application Fees Rs.1000/= (Rupees One  Thousand only) to be deposited with the filled application form.


During the course the candidate will be entitled to stipend Rs.2500/= in 3rd year .No stipend will be given 1st and IInd year .
1.The candidates at the time of selection will be required to deposit –Rs.4000/= as security money .
2.Non-refundable of Rs.10,000/= for the 1st year .
3.Diploma fees Rs.600.


Rs.3000/= for which the students will be givens seven text books they are needed during the course Thus a total of Rs.17,000/= is to be deposited before the interview . The amount has also to be deposited before the interview In case of non-selection the money will be refunded on the spot .