Since 1992 is running a Diploma course---DIPLOMA IN OPHTHALMIC TECHNIQUES.The purpose of the course is to develop human resourses which could be utilized for the implementation of National programme of visual impairment and control of blindness. This training will enable the trainee to become a competent person in providing services in ophthalmic techniques to the community in urban ,semi urban & rural settings. It is a Full time course of 3 years duration. The course commences in 1st July every year and divided into 4 semistar of 6 monts each. The 3rd year apprenticeship is devoted to clinical and practical work .


To prepare the students to assist the eye specialist in big eye hospitals, Eye health care Units etc. To enable students to get themselves self-employed as optician,optometrist and refractionists. To enable students to estimate error of refraction and be able to prescribe glasses.